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Mr. Liu Hualong, Chairman of Poly Group, met with the CEO of Ferrari Greater China

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On May 25th, 2021, Mr. Liu Hualong, Chairman of Poly Group, met with Mr. Giuseppe Cattaneo, President of Ferrari Greater China, in New Poly Building. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on expanding cooperation areas and promoting the implementation of relevant cooperation projects. Mr. Wang Xingye, General Manager of Poly International, Mr. Huang Geming, Deputy General Manager of Poly International, and Mr. Han Miao, Deputy General Manager of Ferrari Joint Venture stationed by Poly International, accompanied the meeting.

Chairman Liu Hualong warmly welcomed Mr. Giuseppe Cattaneo’s visit to Poly Group, fully affirmed the operation achievements of the joint venture in recent years, and expressed his gratitude to the management of the joint venture for their efforts. Chairman Liu said that Mr. Giuseppe Cattaneo is the first foreign guest he has met since his taking office, which fully reflects the great importance that Poly Group attaches to the cooperation with Ferrari.  At the same time, we also have full confidence in China’s economic development and the market prospect of high-end consumer goods. Chairman Liu hoped that on the basis of existing cooperation, both sides could explore new ways of cooperation, expand cooperation areas, jointly explore business opportunities and deepen cooperation.

Mr. Giuseppe Cattaneo conveyed the sincere greetings from Ferrari executives to the leaders of Poly Group and thanked Poly for its support and trust over the years. He said that Poly is the old friend of Ferrari and the two sides have a deep friendship during the cooperation. Ferrari attaches great importance to the positive cooperative relationship with Poly and is willing to give full play to advantages to explore more cooperative projects and seek high-quality development.