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Liu Hualong, Chairman of Poly Group: Actively Responds to the “Belt and Road” Initiative by Promoting the Transformation and Upgrading of the Industrial Chain and Supply Chain

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On April 19, 2021, the parallel session of Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2021 on “Responding to the Impact of the Epidemic and Accelerating Trade Circulation” was held. Liu Hualong, Poly Group Chairman attended the session and delivered a speech. He introduced Poly Group’s experience and practices in leveraging its own advantages and promoting global trade circulation in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Liu also emphasized that Poly Group would adapt to the increasingly open market environment to the outside world in the future, respond to the “Belt and Road” initiative, promote economic and trade cooperation with channel advantages, promote people-to-people communication through cultural exchanges, and strive for effective matchmaking with foreign markets, industries, and projects, focus on key countries and key projects, and actively integrate into the new development pattern.

He mentioned that the “Belt and Road” initiative has set up a good platform for unimpeded trade between China and relevant countries. “During the pandemic, it was the initiative that brought people closer together. Thus, the initiative played a unique role in promoting economic development.”

Moreover, he stated that cooperation in fighting the pandemic was the foundation for win-win economic outcomes. Liu said that during the pandemic, Poly Group actively exchanged experience and practices with partners around the world on pandemic prevention and treatment, and responded to the challenging pandemic shoulder to shoulder with them. Poly also spared no efforts in providing assistance to its partners. For example, it has provided masks, thermometers, and other PPEs to Russia, Pakistan, and some African countries.

He also said that honest and aspiration for common development were viewed by Poly as cornerstone for the enterprise development. During the pandemic, Poly Group kept its promise, overcame difficulties and did everything possible to fulfill the signed contracts. “More than 1,200 people were dispatched to foreign countries to ensure the execution of the signed contracts.” Liu also highlighted that building a resilient industrial chain is crucial to unimpeded trade. He said that Poly actively stabilized the supply of goods, market price, and actively promoted the transformation and upgrading of the industrial chain and the supply chain.