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RCRG Named a Star After "Poly Culture North America" as A Gift

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We are in this fight against the COVID-19 pandemic together. In times of disaster, assistance knows no boundary. In this war without smoke, this pandemic, this battle, only by pooling our strength together can we defeat the pandemic and the battle.

Richmond Cares Richmond Gives (RCRG), a local Canadian non-profit charity, through the International Star Registry’s Vault in Switzerland. ISR has obtained the naming rights to a planet, and officially named it Poly Culture North America as a gift to our company to commend our contribution and assistance to the Richmond community in North America during the pandemic. At 1:30 p.m. on March 31, Ms. Chen Yi, General Manager of Poly Culture North America, on behalf of the company, was invited to attend the ceremony held by RCRG.

Ms. Chen Yi was invited to attend the ceremony held by RCRG.

Certification of “Poly Culture North America Star”

The non-profit organization RCRG is a charity registered in Canada with a history of more than 40 years. It is also the only service organization for the elderly designated by the City of Richmond during the pandemic. In 2020, RCRG raised more than 200,000 Canadian dollars in charity from all walks of life, and provided diversified assistance to different groups of people in the Richmond community, including the elderly, children, and low-income families. In addition, RCRG also provides various community services information. Its Richmond Christmas Fund has provided assistance to many low-income residents in 2020.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, our company and all employees have actively contributed to the local medical and charitable organizations in Richmond community, including Richmond Hospital, Lions Gate Hospital and RCRG, with a total value of more than 14,000 Canadian dollars. In the afternoon of March 31, Mr. Ed Gavsie, Chairman and CEO of RCRG and Executive Director of the Richmond Community Foundation, on behalf of RCRG, expressed his sincere gratitude to our company and awarded us the title of “Angel Donor”.

In addition, General Manager Chen Yi was awarded a planetary certification certificate named after “Poly Culture North America” to commemorate our company’s contribution to helping local disadvantaged families. Ms. Qu Jiebing, member of the Parliament of British Columbia, and Mr. Wayne Duzita, Vice President of Terracap Group of Companies, witnessed this moment together. The planet’s naming right has passed the ISR certification and will shine forever in this “pandemic” without smoke.

Poly will continue to actively promote cultural exchanges while remaining committed to public welfare undertakings, sending art and love to local communities and art lovers at home and abroad.