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A People-centered Approach to Promote Collaborative Innovation of Social Governance and Property Services 2020 Chinese Town Mayor Forum on Social Governance and Collaborative Innovation Held in Wuxi

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From December 11 to 12, the 2020 Forum on Promoting Reform and Innovation and Promoting the Coordinated Development of Large, Medium and Small Cities and Small Towns and the Chinese Town Mayor Forum on Social Governance and Collaborative Innovation was held in Wuxi, Jiangsu. More than one hundred urban “Helmsman”, well-known scholars in urban governance research, and representatives of the property industry gathered together to discuss the new path of grassroots social governance.

The theme of this forum is “Accessible Towns, Harmonious People and Beautiful China”. Under the background of China’s new development pattern, the attendants jointly discussed new explorations and new trends in grassroots social governance, and interpreted the development guidelines and policies of social governance. This is another summit event gathering for leaders of Chinese county and town governments to exchange experiences in grassroots social governance and discuss the construction of new urbanization after two successful sessions in 2018 and 2019.

The forum was co-sponsored by the International Cooperation Center of China National Development and Reform Commission, Xishan District People’s Government of Wuxi City, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and Poly Development Holding Group Co., Ltd. under China Poly Group.

In the forum, Wu Lanyu, general manager of Poly Property Services Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Poly Development Holding Group Co., Ltd.,delivered a keynote speech entitled “Three Years, Three Questions, and Three Answers”. Based on the new pattern of national development, the speech gave a Poly answer of integrating into social governance for the future development strategy of enterprises.

Wu Lanyu believes that the essence of property is to serve people. In the implementation of the national strategy, the property industry after breaking through the boundary of property management should be given a second promotion.

“So far, the property industry has experienced two major breakthroughs. The first breakthrough is the breakthrough of space boundary, from community to city. The second breakthrough is the breakthrough of industry positioning, from real space to soft infrastructure.” Wu Yulan said.

As an integral part of the national strategy, rural revitalization, new urbanization and equalization of public services have been placed in a more important and prominent position by the Chinese government. Behind the national strategy, central enterprises such as Poly Property have discovered the urgent need for modern governance in towns, and the infinite opportunities for the future development of the property industry.

Wu Lanyu stated that Poly Property’s goal is to move from 30 towns to hundreds of cities and thousands of towns, deeply participate in and fully serve the social governance of the town, and release the 5G+ product service package of the public service product “Towns Flourish China”. Specifically, it includes grid-based basic management, integrated municipal services, one-stop urban renewal, intelligent livelihood supporting and diversified industrial empowerment.