CHINA POLY GROUP CORPORATION /englishRSS feeds for CHINA POLY GROUP CORPORATION 60Xu Niansha attends the Caijing Annual Conference 2021/english/s/1678-5869-19947.htmlFrom November 25 to 27, the Caijing Annual Conference 2021: Forecast and Strategy was held in Beijing. This years annual conference once again brought together domestic and foreign elites from politic...2020-12-01/english//Portals/7/Uploads/Images/2020/12-1/637424404072355588.jpgPoly Group Successfully Held the ¡°Overseas Cloud Open Day¡± Event/english/s/1678-5869-19940.htmlOn November 27, the “Overseas Cloud Open Day” event of Poly Group was held in Beijing New Poly Building. Under the guidance of SASAC, the event is an important measure taken by Poly Group ...2020-11-30The pre-exhibited ambassador's meeting of Poly 2020 autumn auction held in Beijing/english/s/1678-5869-19830.htmlOn October 15th, representatives of 13 diplomatic envoys from 7 countries in China, including Russia, Austria, Belarus, Peru, Montenegro and Germany visited the pre-exhibition of Beijing Poly 2020 Aut...2020-10-30/english//Portals/7/Uploads/Images/2020/10-30/637396472185782424.pngChina Silk Corporation Celebrates the 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations Between China and Switzerland /english/s/1678-5869-19517.htmlOn September 14, President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China and President Sommaruga of the Swiss Confederation, exchanged congratulatory messages to celebrate the 70th anniversary of...2020-09-30Poly International Chartered Flight to Mauritania for Mission/english/s/1678-5869-19416.htmlChina Southern Airlines Flight CZ8385, a Poly International charter flight, took off from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport at 1 am on August 22, carrying nearly 100 workers, overseas Chinese and 9 tons of epi...2020-08-25Ethiopian Ambassador to China visits China Leather and Footwear Industry Research Institute/english/s/1678-5869-19391.htmlIn the afternoon of August 12th, Ethiopian Ambassador to China Teshome Toga, Minister Evan, First Secretary Simon, and Commercial Commissioner Huang Zhuo visited China Leather and Footwear Industry Re...2020-08-20/english//Portals/7/Uploads/Images/2020/9-27/637368192773500076.pngPoly Group jumping to the 191st in Fortune Global 500/english/s/1678-5869-19379.htmlOn August 10th, 2020 Beijing Time Fortune Global 500 of 2020 was published. Poly Group has been listed in this list for 6 consecutive years, with ranking rise to a new high of the 191st.Climbing 51 pl...2020-08-11Beijing Poly Theater Presents the first concert to¡°The Most Honorable People"/english/s/1678-5869-19370.htmlOn August 2, Beijing Poly Theater resumed operation after the outbreak of COVID-19. The public welfare premiere, which was 180 days away, invited the China Philharmonic Orchestra to pay tribute to the...2020-08-05Assisting Mali in the Fight Against COVID-19: Poly Group Actively Fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility/english/s/1678-5869-19327.htmlCurrently, as the COVID-19 pandemic hit Africa, many Chinese-funded enterprises stand up to contribute to fighting the disease and safeguarding the wellbeing of the local community. Among them, are tw...2020-07-21Poly Supporting the Global Battle against COVID-19/english/s/1678-5869-19204.html“Good friends feel close to each other even when they are separated by vast distance.”Cooperation and mutual assistance in tough times have become the main themes of ensuring victory in th...2020-05-06/english//Portals/7/BatchImagesThumb/2020/0506/637243576500369040.pngPoly Group Holds A Video Conference on Overseas Pandemic Prevention and Control/english/s/1678-5869-19203.htmlOn April 27, Poly Group held a video conference on overseas pandemic prevention and control, so as to convey and implement the content and guideline of SASAC special video conference on the pandemic p...2020-05-06/english//Portals/7/BatchImagesThumb/2020/0506/637243538300523154.pngTianjin Grand Theatre of Poly Cinemas and Vienna¡¯s Artists Work Together to Fight against COVID-19/english/s/1678-5869-19195.htmlOn February 6th, when the COVID-19 epidemic in China raged crucially in China, Wiener Symphoniker extended its greetings and blessing to Tianjin Grand Theatre of Poly Cinemas through video on which it...2020-04-20Poly Group Accelerates the Construction of ¡°New Infrastructure¡±/english/s/1678-5869-19185.htmlAt present, China is entering a new stage of science-based prevention and control of COVID-19 and orderly resumption of production. “New Infrastructure” has become the focus of attention a...2020-04-09Poly Group Takes Various Measures for Overseas Epidemic Prevention and Control Work/english/s/1678-5869-19180.htmlAt present, the situation of overseas epidemics is becoming increasingly serious. Poly Group quickly made a deployment. On March 13, the Poly epidemic prevention and control leading group held an emer...2020-03-30/english//Portals/7/BatchImagesThumb/2020/0330/637211831474007808.jpgWhen Poly Culture Encounters ¡°Internet Plus¡±, They Choose to Fight Against COVID-19 This Way/english/s/1678-5869-19178.htmlRecently, some sections of Poly Culture Group Co., Ltd., including theaters, cinemas, artistic education, etc., launched online events as online viewing and lectures. Since the outbreak of the epidemi...2020-03-26Poly Medical Security Group: Refine and Implement ¡°Society-Wide Efforts to Prevent and Control the Epidemic¡±/english/s/1678-5869-19177.htmlAt the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 broke out in a rapid and wide-spread way. Putting employees’ safety and health first in epidemic prevention and control is a major politica...2020-03-26Xv Niansha: Poly¡¯s most valuable experience is the construction of a high-quality workforce/english/s/1678-5869-19159.htmlXu Niansha, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Poly Group, talked about his feelings since the outbreak of the new crown£¬“I’ve been through many things, but this time is such...2020-03-22Xu Niansha: Poly¡¯s most valuable experience is the construction of a high-quality workforce/english/s/1678-5869-19158.htmlXu Niansha, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Poly Group, talked about his feelings since the outbreak of the new crown£¬“I’ve been through many things, but this time is such...2020-03-22/english//Portals/0/BatchImagesThumb/2020/0318/637201408520434784.jpgPoly¡¯s Female Employees Show Capability by Taking Practical Actions at Anti-Epidemic Front Line/english/s/1678-5869-19155.htmlIn the early spring of this year, a sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia spread rapidly from the city of Wuhan to the rest of the Hubei province, and even across the whole country. Facing th...2020-03-11Poly Group Continues Recruitment to Fulfill Its Social Responsibility and to Keep Employment Stable/english/s/1678-5869-19154.htmlAs a large state-owned enterprise administrated by the SASAC, Poly Group, while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, continued the recruitment of talents, and effectively fulfilled its...2020-03-11Poly Group Donated 16 ECMO to Wuhan/english/s/1678-5869-19146.html In the morning of February 28, at Tongji Hospital in Wuhan, Poly Group donated the medical equipment ECMO worth more than 30 million yuan to Wuhan. Leaders of the logistics supply team and the medica...2020-03-02Leaders of Poly Group Conduct Studies on Epidemic Prevention and Control and Instruct Resumption of Work and Production/english/s/1678-5869-19145.htmlFrom February 19 to 21, leaders of Poly Group, including Xu Niansha, Zhang Zhen’gao, Zhang Hao, Zhang Xi and Liu Juncai, went to China National Arts & Crafts Group Corporation Limited, China Art...2020-03-02Poly Group Actively Collecting Medical Supplies for Outbreak Areas/english/s/1678-5869-19127.htmlFacing the severe novel coronavirus pneumonia, the anti-epidemic medical supplies have become the key to winning the battle. At the crucial moment, the various subsidiaries of Poly Group acted in a sw...2020-02-14Poly Community Fight Against NCP/english/s/1678-5869-19126.htmlThis New Year witnessed a war without smoke, resulting from the surging epidemic.In treatment, hospital matters; and in control, property management matters. At the moment, each building and community...2020-02-14China Poly Group Made a Targeted Donation of Materials that Valued 36 Million Yuan to Assist the Construction of ?Mobile Cabin Hospitals? in Wuhan/english/s/1678-5869-19125.htmlOn February 4, Poly Developments and Holdings Group Corporation, a subsidiary of Poly Group, responded positively to the needs of the Wuhan government. It provided Wuhan government with a total of 165...2020-02-14China Poly Donates 20 Million Yuan to Aid Fight Against the Epidemic in Wuhan/english/s/1678-5869-19124.htmlThe novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is drawing widespread attention, and the prevention and control of the contagious disease has become the most urgent task at the current stage. The epidemic pr...2020-02-14Building the Image of Responsible Chinese State-owned Enterprises/english/s/1678-5869-18577.htmlOn March 8th, Xu Niansha, Chairman and Party Secretary of CPC committee of China Poly Group Corporation (Poly), and also member of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative ...2019-08-29Poly Group plans US expansion/english/s/1678-5869-17392.htmlFirm to scout for trade, investment opportunities in overseas marketsBeijing-headquartered conglomerate China Poly Group Corp said that it would continue to pursue trade and investment opportunities i...2017-11-13Xu Niansha met with Sarah Kemp, Commercial Counselor of US Embassy to China./english/s/1678-5869-13578.htmlOn Dec.22th, Xu Niansha met with US Embassy Commercial Counselor Sarah Kemp, Both parties had a discussion on deepening mutual cooperation. Xu Niansha warmly welcomed her visit and introduced Poly&rsq...poly2016-03-04/english//Portals/7/Uploads/Images/2016/3-4/635927039236002843.jpgXu Niansha met with Jean-Pierre Raffarin£¬ former French Prime Minister./english/s/1678-5869-13577.htmlOn January 16th , Chairman Xu Niansha met with former French Prime Minister, Jean-Pierre Raffarin in Beijing , who is now deputy speaker of the Senate. The two sides enhance exchanges and strengthen c...poly2016-03-04/english//Portals/7/Uploads/Images/2016/3-4/635927034301387336.jpg2016 Corporate Strategy Seminar held in Beijing/english/s/1678-5869-13460.htmlThe 2016 Group Strategy Seminar was held in Beijing on Jan. 4th 2016. Members of the Board, Group CPC committee, top management of the Group, leaders from the Supervisory Board and main top management...±£Àû¼¯ÍÅ2016-02-17/english//Portals/7/Uploads/Images/2016/2-17/635913178136169933.jpgXu Niansha attended 2015 Annual HR Training of Poly Group /english/s/1678-5869-13064.htmlOn September 16, Xu Niansha, Chairman and Party Secretary of Poly group, attend the 2015 annual HR training in Wuhan and delivered an important speech.He spoke highly of the important role of human re...2015-11-25/english//Portals/7/Uploads/Images/2015/11-25/635840647121833704.jpgPoly Technologies Inc. participated in ¡°Love without borders¡± Charity activities/english/s/1678-5869-12941.htmlRecently, Poly Technologies participation sixth "Love Without Borders" charity and completed rescue operations for children with congenital heart disease in Guizhou. According to the China Charity Fed...2015-11-13/english//Portals/7/Uploads/Images/2015/11-25/635840645494474501.jpgPresident Zhang Zhengao attended the ground-breaking ceremony of rubber plant in Uzbekistan/english/s/1678-5869-12485.htmlOn August 28, local time10:00 am, a ground-breaking ceremony for Rubber Plant was held in Angren Special Industrial Zone, Uzbekistan. The plant is contracted to be built by China Poly Group. Uzbekista...2015-09-10/english//Portals/0/ImportFile/635774970308673047.jpgXu Niansha met with Mr. Ettore Francesco Sequi, Ambassador of Italy/english/s/1678-5869-12484.htmlOn Aug 12th, Chairman Xu Niansha met with Mr. Ettore Francesco Sequi, Ambassador of Italy. Both parties had a discussion on deepening mutual cooperations.Xu Niansha welcomed his visit and introduced P...2015-09-02/english//Portals/0/ImportFile/635767849473559531.jpgXu Niansha met with Jean-Jacques de Dardel , Ambassador of Switzerland/english/s/1678-5869-12483.htmlOn July 22th, Chairman Xu Niansha met with Jean-Jacques de Dardel, Ambassador of Switzerland at New Poly Plaza in Beijing. Both sides discussed on further collaboration in real estate and culture indu...2015-07-30/english//Portals/0/ImportFile/635738624999767969.jpgXu Niansha met with Dominque de Villpepin, Former French Prime Minister /english/s/1678-5869-12482.htmlOn July 21th, Chairman Xu Niansha met with Dominque de Villpepin, former French Prime Minister. Vice President Wang Lin attended the meeting.Xu Niansha welcomed his visit and introduced Poly’s b...2015-07-30/english//Portals/0/ImportFile/635738623745740157.jpgZhang Zhengao met with Li Jing, Chairman of Guangdong Provincial Communication Group Company Limited/english/s/1678-5869-12481.htmlOn July 15th, President Zhang Zhengao of Poly Group met with Chairman Li Jing of Guangdong Provincial Communication Group Company Limited at New Poly Plaza in Beijing. Wang Lin, Vice President of Poly...2015-07-30/english//Portals/0/ImportFile/635738617642899922.jpgZhang Xi met with Zhou Lianqing, Party Secretary of Putian /english/s/1678-5869-12480.htmlOn July 28th, Zhang Xi,Vice President of Poly Group met with Zhou Lianqing, the Party Secretary of Putian city. Both sides discussed on further collaborating on real property and culture industries.Zh...2015-07-30/english//Portals/0/ImportFile/635738616517821797.jpgChairman Xu Niansha met with the President of MPAA /english/s/1678-5869-12479.htmlOn June 19th, Chairman Xu Niansha met with Christopher Dodd, President of MPAA(The Motion Picture Association of America)at New Poly Plaza. Vice President Zhangxi accompanied the meeting. Chairman Xu ...2015-07-29/english//Portals/0/ImportFile/635737867698487500.jpgPoly Group is rated ¡°A Level¡± in 2014 Annual Business Performance Assessment/english/s/1678-5869-12478.htmlRecently, in the 2014 Annual Business Performance Assessment of the Principals of Central State-owned Enterprises released by SASAC(State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission), Poly ...2015-07-29Group leaders met with Zhang Yun, President of Agricultural Bank of China, and Zheng Yanan, Chairman of Pacific Securities/english/s/1678-5869-12477.htmlOn April 20th, Chairman Xu Niansha, President Zhang Zhengao, member of the Standing Committee of CPC of Poly Group Song Guangju and CFO Peng Bihong met with Zhangyun, the President of Agricultural Ban...2015-07-29/english//Portals/0/ImportFile/635737865707852734.jpgChairman Xu Niansha attended the¡° 2015 Central SOE¡¯s trip to Guangxi¡± event /english/s/1678-5869-12476.htmlFrom April 16th to 18th, Chairman Xu Niansha attended the “2015 Central SOE’s trip to Guangxi”. He met with the local government officials, aiming to expand cooperation. Vice Preside...2015-07-29/english//Portals/0/ImportFile/635737864233287110.jpgChairman Xu Niansha met with British Ambassador Ms. Barbara Janet Woodward/english/s/1678-5869-12475.htmlOn May 12th, Chairman Xu Niansha met with British Ambassador Ms. Barbara Janet Woodward at New Poly Plaza. Vice President Zhang Xi accompanied the meeting.Chairman Xu Niansha welcomed them and showed ...2015-07-29/english//Portals/0/ImportFile/635737861983470156.jpgWang Xu inspected south-east Asia real estate market/english/s/1678-5869-12474.htmlVice president Wang Xu went to Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia for marketing research from March 25 to 29, 2015.The inspection team made a spot study on the local policy, law, marketing, investing a...2015-04-20Wang Lin met with Ugandan President /english/s/1678-5869-12473.htmlOn March 30th, vice president of Poly Group and president of Poly Technologies, Inc. Wang Lin met with Ugandan President Yoveri Museveni at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. Both sides discussed in-depth to...2015-04-20/english//Portals/0/ImportFile/635651201756342109.jpgPoly Technologies Inc. conducts Nonproliferation and Export Control Training/english/s/1678-5869-12472.htmlOn March 13th, 2015, Poly Technologies Inc. held nonproliferation and export control training in New Poly Plaza, with all employees in attendance. Dr. Scott Jones, executive director of Georgia Univer...2015-04-20/english//Portals/0/ImportFile/635651200929349921.jpgZhang Zhengao went to Guangzhou for signing the ¡°Strategic cooperative frame agreement¡±/english/s/1678-5869-12471.htmlPresident Zhang Zhengao of Poly Group and chairman Li Jing of Guangdong Provincial Communication Group Company Limited signed “Strategic cooperative frame agreement” in Guangzhou on April ...2015-04-20/english//Portals/0/ImportFile/635651199456978125.jpgVice president Wang Lin attended the ¡°Great Festival of Creativity¡±/english/s/1678-5869-12470.htmlInvited by British embassy in Beijing, vice president Wang Lin attended the “Great Festival of Creativity” in Shanghai on March 3, 2015. The festival was one of the activities of Prince Wi...2015-04-01/english//Portals/0/ImportFile/635634942654232891.jpgPresident Zhang Zhengao met with Zhu Xiaoming, deputy Party secretary of Zhenjiang municipal committee of CPC/english/s/1678-5869-12469.htmlPresident Zhang Zhengao met with Zhu Xiaoming, deputy Party secretary of Zhenjiang municipal committee of CPC and mayor of Zhenjiang city in New Poly Plaza on March 3, 2015 with the accompanying of vi...2015-04-01/english//Portals/0/ImportFile/635634941073708906.jpg